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Supplier Risk


Credit Risk

Continuous surveillance for ALL your global suppliers in real time, 24x7, taking into account the specific operating context and environment [e.g. Industry, sector, macro-economic, geo-political] of each supplier individually, including implications of reputation and compliance.   Continuous, independent and objective, forward-looking ratings on public and private companies globally. RAGE ratings assess both qualitative and quantitative information on a continuous basis from around the world.
Supplier Risk   Credit Risk
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Signals for Securities


Drug Efficacy and Safety

Predictive intelligence on company performance via real time interpretation of events/news, blogs, social media, private and premium sources from around the world. Comprehensive analysis at a company, sector, industry level, macro-economic levels, establishing 2nd, 3rd, nth order effects.   RAGE Lifesciences Big Data solution for Drug Development and Post-Market Safety is the only solution in the market that brings the power of a state of art Big Data application along with a Business Process Automation platform for rapid integration into enterprise processes and systems.
Capital Markets   Drug Efficacy
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