February 14, 2017

Three of the Top Five Wealth Management Firms in America are Driving Transformation with AI-Powered Wealth Management Solution from RAGE Frameworks

LiveWealthTM Artificial intelligence-enabled automation produces dramatic time and money savings

DEDHAM, MASS. – February 14, 2017LiveWealthTM from RAGE Frameworks, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) for the Enterprise, is now a core solution serving high-net-worth and institutional clients at three of the top five Wealth Management firms in America per Barron’s Penta Ranking 2016.

LiveWealthTM is an AI-powered comprehensive wealth management solution built on the RAGE-AITM platform, with features ranging from data aggregation to powerful big data analytics.  Its aggregation engine extracts and interprets data from any paper or electronic statements from U.S. or International custodians on a real time basis, leveraging RAGE’s patented AI technology. Its flexible Performance Analytics Module helps these firms continuously find the ever-shifting balance between controls driven by regulations at the firm level, and personalization demanded by clients at the Advisor level. The soon-to-be released Active Advising Module will also come with configurable “Intelligent Agents” to assist Advisors in executing their strategies, advise them of patterns suggested by data not obvious to the naked eye, and continuously monitor for changes in the external environment that can impact client portfolios, as well as changes in a client’s personal environment that can impact preferences and objectives.

With this broad and deep capability set, enabled by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology and machine learning, RAGE LiveWealthTM is driving disruptive and transformative change at the high end of the Wealth Management market. For example, the solution brings millions of rows of data from custodians, in many unique forms and formats, into a common normalized format, automating a previously arduous, labor-intensive, inefficient, error-prone, non-scalable and compliance-exposed part of the process. Providing holistic performance analysis for clients is predicated by interpreting this fragmented, distributed and highly variable initial-step.

“With the recent acquisition of another major wealth management client, RAGE LiveWealthTM is now deployed at three of the top five Wealth Management firms in America. This clearly establishes LiveWealthTM as the market leading platform for the high end of the financial market and endorses our leading AI-based technology that is applied to wealth management,” said Jim DeWaele, SVP of RAGE Wealth Management. “Through the robustness of LiveWealthTM, Advisors gain the flexibility needed to manage large, complex wealth management operations for high-net-worth and institutional clients.”

To learn more about the RAGE LiveWealthTM Intelligent Agent Framework, please visit http://www.rageframeworks.com/livewealth/.


About RAGE Frameworks: It’s Possible
RAGE Frameworks Inc. is a leader in knowledge-based automation technology and services providing AI for the Enterprise. RAGE-AI™ is a no-code patented platform for end-to-end automation of knowledge-based processes.  RAGE-AI™ is currently used by some of the largest banks, manufacturers, consulting companies, high tech firms, and logistics companies. Headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts with global operations centers in Pune and Belgaum, India, RAGE offers unprecedented speed, flexibility and insight in solving today’s most complex, critical business problems. Visit us at www.rageframeworks.com to learn more about RAGE AI™ and our entire suite of intelligent automation solutions and follow us on Twitter @RAGE_Frameworks.

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