Mar 10, 2014, 00:00 ET
Simulating human cognitive behavior, an introduction to RAGE Semantic Intelligence Technology

WESTWOOD, Mass., March 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — RAGE Frameworks, a provider of technology enabled solutions and services, introduces breakthrough Semantic Intelligence technology, integrated with its patented and model driven Business Process Automation platform.

The immense untapped strategic and operational potential buried in the body of information and knowledge in cyberspace continues to be a bridge too far, even in 2014. So does the Real Time Intelligent Business Enterprise. The technology to unlock the potential of Big Data and make it practical and applicable to drive new value for old [and new] businesses is still in its infancy, and lags the hype around Big Data by a great distance.

Beyond predictive analytics which deals with structured data, rudimentary social media listening and lightly armed data scientists lies the vast, growing and unexplored universe of unstructured data, which represents more than 95% of all data.

RAGE has developed pioneering Big Data technology that replaces the sledgehammer of statistical and most NLP approaches with the precision scalpel of Computational Linguistics, to tease out meaning from unstructured data in a nuanced, context specific manner. It simulates human cognitive behavior to discover meaning in unstructured content, .e.g. a news article, a journal, an internal document, a blog or a tweet.

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