Apr 01, 2015, 12:00 ET
RAGE Frameworks Announces Plans to Launch a Commercial Lending Framework at Finnovate

DEDHAM, Mass., April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — RAGE Frameworks, a provider of technology enabled solutions and services, will be launching a Commercial Lending solution that enables near real time development of enterprise scale solutions, at the Finnovate Spring Conference, May 12-13, at San Jose, CA.

RAGE LiveCredit™ is a flexible, scalable origination and servicing solution that enables the design and launch of any financing product, end-to-end, from origination to underwriting to booking and servicing.

It is designed to enable a financial institution implement its creative ideas and needs in terms of new products, new underwriting rules including dynamic pricing, compliance rules, and accounting, in a near real-time fashion. LiveCredit™ enables this configurability through a dynamic and flexible Product Configurator which facilitates the configuration of the entire lifecycle related to a product rapidly without any need for programming.

Said Aashish Mehta, SVP of Business Banking solutions at RAGE, “Our solution is designed to bring a degree of flexibility and nimbleness that is simply absent in the industry today. LiveCredit™ makes the idea of configuring products, lines of business and new operating countries ‘on the fly,’ with no programming, a reality. New product ideas no longer have to be abandoned due to technology constraints or constraints of a package application.” Aashish went on to add that, “Standalone nimbleness and speed however are of little value if the solution can’t be integrated rapidly and seamlessly into the current legacy environment, operations and processes. Non-intrusive integration, as a system of engagement, without impacting a Bank’s systems of record is a key design principle of the solution and enterprise scale solutions can be implemented in less than 90 days. We will be introducing the product at Finnovate in San Jose in Q2.”

LiveSpread™, an automated financial statement spreading solution comes integrated with RAGE’s LiveCredit™ solution. LiveSpread™ enables automated translation [language and GAAP], extraction, normalization of financial statements and analytics, or optional integration of spread data to our clients’ analytics systems. Rounding out the solution is an industry leading Artificial Intelligence based real time Credit Risk Monitoring option.

“We are very excited to be hosting RAGE at this year’s Finnovate. We expect their innovative paradigm of a framework based flexible Lending solution to generate great interest amongst our attendees, all of whom are at various stages of their banking transformation journeys,” said Eric Mattson, CEO Finnovate.

About LiveCredit™
Read about RAGE LiveCredit™ at http://www.rageframeworks.com/livecredit/

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