Non-intrusive Automation

Rapid non-intrusive integration of the RAGE LiveCredit™ within your IT landscape.

RAGE LiveCredit™ can be introduced non-intrusively as a system of engagement, without impacting your systems of record.


You can then peel back legacy functionality and modernize your legacy environment at your pace, balancing risk and speed, while re-configuring or re-imagining legacy functionality in the LiveCredit™ framework.


LiveCredit™ is designed to fit in non-disruptively into your existing technology environment. If any of the following apply to your organization the LiveCredit™ framework was purpose-built to instantly unshackle your business from technology constraints:

  • Entrenched and interconnected legacy and mainframe systems where changes, even incremental ones, are complex and risky. Supporting a transformative business initiative, such as providing services for assets held-away, would typically imply a major multi-system overhaul exercise.
  • Your packaged applications don’t meet your requirements or are several versions behind, as the cost, risk and complexity of an upgrade has continuously pushed it down the priority list.
  • Lack of data standards, across your end to end commercial lending process, leading to data quality issues, and significant revenue, cost, reputation, customer experience or compliance issues.
  • Limited ability to monitor your loan origination process end to end, across technology, data and operating standards.
  • Your loan origination process is reliant on multiple external inputs, in multiple different formats, from multiple organizations or individuals, executed largely manually