Non-intrusive Automation

Rapid non-intrusive integration of the RAGE LiveWealth™ within your IT landscape

RAGE LiveWealth™ is a Framework Based Wealth Management Solution. It comes with a complete underlying flexible and rapid-time-to-market platform. It can fit in non-disruptively into your existing technology environment. If any of the following apply to your organization RAGE LiveWealth™ was built to fit within and power your current technology and process environment:

  • Entrenched and interconnected legacy and mainframe systems where changes, even incremental ones, are complex and risky. Supporting a transformative business initiative, such as providing services for assets held-away, would typically imply a major multi-system overhaul exercise.
  • Your packaged wealth management applications don’t meet your requirements or are several versions behind, as the cost, risk and complexity of an upgrade has continuously pushed it down the priority list.
  • Lack of data standards, across your end to end wealth management process, leading to data quality issues, and significant revenue, cost, reputation, customer experience or compliance issues.
  • Limited ability to monitor your wealth management process end to end, across technology, data and operating standards.
  • Your wealth management process is reliant on multiple external inputs, in multiple different formats, from multiple organizations or individuals , executed largely manually.
  • You need to offer services for assets held away , alternative investment in an adaptive technology environment, where you business requirements are still evolving.