Multi-custodian aggregation

Fully Automated Data Aggregation Engine, aggregating data from all US and most major international custodians. RAGE LiveWealth™ automatically extracts data from financial statements and creates a normalized view. The solution comes with 100% data quality assurance.

  • Fully automated multi-custodian data aggregation engine in the industry, integrating data from all US custodians, most major international ones, banks and other sources necessary to deliver 360° wealth management performance analytics.
  • Form and format agnostic, intelligent data interpretation. The Rage Aggregation engine can extract and interpret a paper or PDF statement received in a format it has never encountered before.
  • All data automatically normalized to client specified format/s.
  • On demand aggregation and processing of positions and transactions (gated by custodian’s ability to provide data)
  • Wall-to-wall audit trail. Click back to source documents from any stage of the process
  • Configure highly flexible asset classification rules [at a custodian or Account / Client levels]

This is powered by Rage’s patented data extraction and interpretation engine, coupled with Rage’s powerful end-user-configurable business rules engine.