Continuous Monitoring


RAGE RTI provides a continuous risk signal based on real time,  systematic and rigorous assessment of developments around the world  that can impact a company’s credit default risk. We apply advanced computation linguistics to interpret millions of global events as they occur and then analyze them through comprehensive causal models individualized for each company.

Continuous RAGE RTI signal

RAGE RTI is a continuous signal plotted  and presented as a time series graph and shows the cumulative impact of global events on the credit default risk of  each of  your customers. RAGE’s advanced computational linguistics engine goes through millions of  news, social media and blog postings to assess each article’s relevance and impact on a specific company, in real time.

Context Awareness

RAGE RTI signals are based on high-precision context for every company’s operating environment, and the factors that may impact its viability and to what extent.

Meaning in Global Events

Each article is scored by the RAGE Linguistics engine after assessing relevance and impact, guided by the causal ontology.

Example of an article  interpreted as materially negative in the  “Legal Proceedings” category for Boeing Co.