Commercial Lending Transformation

Transform your Commercial Lending operations in a controlled, risk-managed and rapid manner.

Non-intrusive Automation: Rapid non-intrusive integration of the RAGE LiveCredit™ within your current IT landscape.

Modernize your legacy environment at your own pace, using LiveCredit™ as the system of engagement without impacting your systems of record at first.

RAGE LiveCredit™

  • Is a flexible, scalable origination and servicing solution which can enable the design and launch of any financing product end-to-end from origination to underwriting to booking and servicing.
  • Is designed to enable a financial institution to implement its creative ideas and needs in terms of new products, new underwriting rules including dynamic pricing, compliance rules, and accounting, in a near real-time fashion.
  • Enables this configurability through a dynamic and flexible Product Configurator which facilitates the configuration of the entire lifecycle related to a product rapidly without any need for programming.
  • Is a framework that enables rapid configuration of prospecting, underwriting, fulfilment and rich analytics, the way you want it.
  • Drives simplification and modernization of your commercial lending process. The framework is built on the principle of “perpetual flexibility” and so will continue to be highly responsive.
  • Enhancements and modifications do not require any programming at any stage.
  • Is available as a cloud based SaaS offering.


Financial Statement Spreading

RAGE LiveSpread™, a module of LiveCredit™, is an automated Spreading service, from translation, extraction, normalization of Financial Statements to analytics and optional posting of spread data to MRA. This solution comes with 100% quality assurance.

RAGE LiveSpread™ is a Artificial Intelligence framework that enables the automatic extraction and processing of data from documents like Financial Statements, Bank Statements and Income Tax returns.


Real Time Credit Risk Monitoring

Industry leading real time data analytics backed by a Computational Linguistics engine monitoring over 100,000 sources on a 24×7 basis.

RAGE Real Time Intelligence [RTI™] provides a continuous signal plotted and presented as a time series graph and shows the cumulative impact of global events on the health of a specific company of a portfolio of companies. RAGE’s advanced computational linguistics engine goes through millions of news, social media and blog postings to assess each article’s relevance and impact on a specific company or portfolio, providing you with real time Credit Risk analysis.