September 07, 2016 10:00 ET
Leading Financial Services Firm Uses RAGE Artificial Intelligence Solution to Generate Signals for Alpha

Rage AI™ Lifts Investment Returns for Major U.S. Bank

DEDHAM, MA–(Marketwired – Sep 7, 2016) – Rage Frameworks, a provider of knowledge-based automation technology and services, today announced that a leading multinational financial services firm has selected its Artificial Intelligence platform (RAGE AI™) to drive improved results for its investment customers by using artificial intelligence to discover signals captured in a wide variety of data sources with Rage’s innovative deep learning capabilities. RAGE AI™ significantly extends the frontier of deep learning and machine intelligence technology as it incorporates proprietary linguistics-based machine learning innovations to understand market developments in the context of individual companies and interpret those signals as a human would.

After demonstrating via historical back-testing that the Rage AI™ platform repeatedly delivered returns in excess of what the firm’s quantitative team was able to produce, Rage’s solution was integrated in order to drive significant lift in the returns generated for the firm’s clients. In fact, Rage has repeatedly shown that its deep background in computational linguistics and Natural Language Understanding can systematically discover Alpha by forming assessments of a company’s financial projections that effectively predict future performance for businesses such as Wal-Mart (attached), where Rage AI™ predicted an upward trend in stock price months in advance.

The RAGE AI™ platform does this by continuously interpreting unstructured content from over 100,000 sources and translating it into valuable intelligence. The ability to quickly assess local and global events reported in the news, emerging research, blogs, and more is essential to having an effective active investment strategy. However, the incredibly high frequency and heterogeneity of information flow far outstrips the capacity of investment managers, asset managers, hedge fund managers, quantitative managers and other financial services professionals and their staff to process such information.

For financial services firms, the ability to provide timely and systematic processing of information drives better results for customers and the potential for higher client retention rates. Rage AI™ can automatically interpret information on the Internet — as it arrives — determine its relevance to the institution, and rate the impact of the information based on the content. In doing so, Rage AI™ enables the systematic extraction of signals for the detection of Alpha.

“With this latest deployment, Rage continues to build its roster of multinational financial services firms that rely on Rage AI™ to provide meaningful intelligence for a competitive advantage,” said Vikram Mahidhar, SVP, Semantic Intelligence Solutions for Rage Frameworks. “The combination of highly intelligent machine learning capabilities with Rage’s advanced Natural Language Understanding technology will augment the skills of knowledge workers while realizing greater value for our client’s clients.”

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