Financial Statement Spreading

RAGE LiveSpread™ is an Artificial Intelligence framework that enables the automatic extraction and processing of data from documents like Financial Statements, Bank Statements and Income Tax returns.

Automated extraction

Extraction of data from Financial Statements, including interpretation of footnotes


Presentation of spread data for analysis. Feed internal or 3rd party products [e.g. MRA]

Comprehensive analytics

Key ratios calculation, covenants tracking


Automated notifications and Alerts


Collaboration tools, for Client and Service Provide Analysts


Automated Language and GAAP translation

Machine Learning

Continuous machine-assisted-learning driving towards greater automation


Automated Industry specific Normalization to your bank's required standards


Cloud based offering available. No change to any upstream to downstream process or systems

Transforming your Spreading Operation with RAGE LiveSpread™

Before After
Speed Gated by the time it takes for manual processing. At automation levels of 70%, Financial Statement processing speed dramatically improved.
Flexibility Process changes require extensive training, monitoring and new controls. Major changes can be rolled out in hours with minimal to no training. Complete insulation from frequently changing source file formats.
Scalability Scalability is a function of adding people and additional controls. Instantly scalable operations. Scalability on Demand
Cost Model Typically FTE based. Utility model [Transaction based pricing].
Quality As in any manual process potential for inconsistent treatment of across analysts and also for the same analyst. Consistency and institutionalization of process., e.g Implement / change bank specific normalization rules, country specific GAAP treatments, easily and rapidly. System assisted troubleshooting: Click-back to exact extraction location in source documents.
Compliance Manual compliance controls. Roll out of compliance changes requires training, process changes Automated controls. Standards and credit policies institutionalized. Risk reviews based on reliable, on-time data.
Operating model Typical challenges of a high volume manual operation. Limited peak staffing, attrition, training, quality and inconsistency challenges

RAGE LiveSpread™ Snapshot of Additional Features

  • Industry specific normalization of data
  • Analysis of revolving credit lines
  • Auditors’ opinion on the financial statements captured
  • Key break-ups from notes to financials
  • Industry ID data: NAICS, SIC or GICS codes
  • Adjustments for extraordinary/one-time/non-cash items
  • Details on operating leases and contractual obligations
  • Financial covenant tracking and alerts
  • Automated QA checks
  • Multiple target system load/delivery options