Oct. 21, 2014
Enabling the Responsive Enterprise, featuring Gartner research on Big Change

DEDHAM, Mass., Oct. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today RAGE Frameworks (RAGE), a pioneer in rapid Business Transformation technology and Big Data Analytics, released a report featuring research from Gartner titled “Enabling the Responsive Enterprise, Is Business Technology Ready?”

The report, explores the deep chasm between the state of business technology and what businesses really need and how grossly under-prepared business technology is in the face of what Gartner describes as “Big Change”, i.e. pronounced Novelty, Volatility, Disruption and Scope. The report illustrates the characteristics of what a responsive and nimble technology framework might look like.

The article can be read at: http://www.gartner.com/technology/media-products/pdfindex.jsp?g=rage-frameworks-1-21G4XC2-V2.pdf

The report describes how RAGE EnterpriseTM powers the Responsive Business by solving the challenges of time to market, flexibility and real time intelligence. And how along with the RAGE Agile methodology and RAGE certified teams it is an ideal and perhaps the only complete framework today, for not just rapid response but also anticipatory response to changes in decisions, regulations, processes, technology, standards, organizations, market, etc., enabling the Responsive Enterprise. The report also features research from Gartner titled “Unrelenting Business Disruptions Require New Approaches to Driving “Big Change.”

Says Monty Kothiwale, SVP and CTO at RAGE, “We launched the development of an entirely model driven platform, precisely for the purpose of instant and pre-emptive adaptation at the Enterprise level, at least seven years prior to Gartner calling out the Big Change phenomenon. We are in the business of solving business problems, not selling IT widgets and for that you need the breadth RAGE EnterpriseTM offers, 20 engines and counting, so you can solve the entire business problem, not just pieces, with zero programming. Rules engine, case management, process orchestration, and acceleration templates are necessary but inadequate to solve even the simplest of business problems in their entirety. In our opinion, it is exciting to see how the approach we have taken appears to dovetail into the Gartner Big Change agenda, where adaptation, flexibility, nimbleness, agility, call it what you want, will be the only difference between Enterprises that survive in the face of accelerating change and everyone else.”

Says Srini Bharadwaj, SVP of the RAGE Semantic Intelligence platform and products “Analytics without high quality and real time data, analytics without integration into process execution and analytics that is not tractable and context specific, cannot enable large organizations to rapidly adapt, as such analysis will always be out of context, incomplete or outdated. RAGE EnterpriseTM enables the design and deployment of end to end analytics use cases very rapidly, all the way from data acquisition [structured and unstructured], context specific semantic analysis [applying linguistics based deep machine learning techniques], providing highly tractable analysis. Knowledge, intelligence and insight, in addition to the ability to act quickly and turn on a dime, is what will differentiate Responsive Enterprises from the rest. We have integrated these critical concepts into the very backbone of RAGE EnterpriseTM.”

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