Supplier RTI

Continuous surveillance for ALL your global suppliers in real time, 24×7, taking into account the specific operating context and environment [e.g. Industry,sector, macro-economic, geo-political] of each supplier individually, including implications of reputation and compliance.

In a 9 month period since Q4 2012, CFPB has received 79,000 complaints and CFPB enforcements alone have resulted in $525M in settlements. FFIEC, OCC have heightened audit rigor and compliance requirements for monitoring suppliers. Beyond traditional assessments of suppliers for operational risks, regulators are sensitive to a range of other risks including reputational and strategic risks that even smaller third parties can create for customers.

RAGE Supplier Risk RTI enables you to monitor any number of suppliers, intelligently interpreting information from any number of sources, and monitoring any number of dimensions, in real time.

Real Time Intelligence

RAGE RTI provides a continuous risk signal based on real time, systematic and rigorous assessment of developments

Periodic Financial Health Assessment

The base level of financial health of a company is established at initiation. This is derived from

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