• RAGE Frameworks Inc., a Genpact company, is a leader in knowledge-based automation technology and services providing AI for the Enterprise.

  • Our mission is to enable unconstrained Business Transformation by bringing unprecedented Speed, Flexibility and Insight to solve mission critical enterprise business problems.

  • AI for the Enterprise [RAGE-AI™]. Patented no-code platform for end-to-end automation of knowledge-based processes, currently being used by some of the largest banks, consulting companies, high tech firms, logistics and consumer product firms globally.

  • RAGE-AI™ Intelligent Machines. Eighteen ready to deploy intelligent machines to address vexing enterprise automation challenges. Or rapidly configure and train a new RAGE-AI™ Intelligent Machine for a new use case.

  • Extending the frontier or machine learning, applying contextual and traceable deep learning. We are pioneering the application of context specific and traceable AI technology in the non-physical world of business processes. Where natural language is involved, RAGE-AI™ extends NLP (natural language processing) to NLU (natural language understanding).

  • Our channel and delivery partner network comprises some of the leading Consulting firms and global BPO companies.

RAGE Value Proposition

Simplifying complex automation challenges

One Stop

20 Engine platform for end to end solutions. Data aggregation to Big Data Analytics all on one platform.

Tractability & Traceability

RAGE cognitive intelligence technology is not a black-box; all interpretations are fully traceable to source

Perpetual Flexibility

Several degrees of flexibility in the platform and each solution enabling rapid responsiveness to a changing environment and to changing business requirements

Rapid Time to Market

Engagement-to-production in 90 days for complex enterprise scale processes.

Non-Intrusive Automation

Limited interference with existing systems. A path to controlled legacy transformation at the client’s desired pace.

Solve Vexing Issues

RAGE Platform’s many components enable it to solve many issues that slow down large enterprises – data integration between systems, inability to process paper or unstructured documents, rigid applications that prevent changes to process or decisioning logic, etc.

Content Variability

RAGE does not suffer from the ‘curse of dimensionality’ and can interpret unstructured text accurately even where the Corpus size is one document.


US operations: Experienced management team
  • Deep expertise in financial services, knowledge based technologies, natural language processing and computational linguistics
  • A pioneer in sourcing, processing and analyzing unstructured and structured content, using deep learning and machine learning technology.
  • Pioneering natural language understanding
  • Pioneered credit and collections automation starting in the late 80s
rageframeworks offices
Rage Technology Platform
  • Patented, no-code platform to delivery AI for the Enterprise
  • 20 knowledge-based engines enable rapid, flexible implementation of mission critical solutions
  • Model-driven architecture enables non-intrusive fit with legacy environments
  • Proprietary linguistics based methods enable higher levels of precision and contextual relevance in Semantic Intelligence apps
Off shore operations (India)
  • Highly skilled, experienced resources
  • Current strength: 500
  • A large percentage of our professionals have masters or higher degrees
  • Every employee undergoes rigorous training in our product and service methodologies
Hosting Facility. Highly Secure Hosting facility
  • SSAE 16 certified
  • Vetted by major financial institutions each quarter
  • Process large volumes of private company and personal financial/investment information