RAGE Genpact FDA

Genpact Front Desk Automation (FDA) is an AI-powered intelligent machine that automates the entire lifecycle of handling email submissions.

Business Challenges

    Insurance carriers receive work requests through multiple channels – email, call centers, portals, etc. Email has become a dominant channel for communication between the broker, the carrier and the end customer.
    For knowledge workers, it has become a demanding and difficult task to manage the influx of emails and attached information received from brokers and agents. These email requests range fr om submissions for new policies and renewals to endorsement requests. The knowledge worker needs to review this huge volume of unstructured content, find all the data elements of interest, and apply various business rules and validations – before they approve the submission for the underwriter’s review and action. Automating the handling of email submissions can help manage the information overload and extract intelligence and insight from data in order to automatically execute or assist knowledge-intensive tasks such as underwriting.


Genpact Solution

    Genpact Front Desk Automation (FDA) automates the entire lifecycle of handling email requests from the broker or agent. FDA is an AI-powered intelligent machine that automates multiple work elements involved in the processing of email work requests including the handling of submissions for new policies and renewals. This intelligent machine leverages the cognitive capabilities of the RAGE-AI™ platform to process unstructured content from the emails. The Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities of the platform enable the machine to read, understand and interpret emails and attached documents. Once the specific data elements of interest have been extracted, the FDA solution can then apply the company-specific validations and business rules to qualify the submission before it is routed to the underwriter. A submission that did not have all the critical data elements or did not clear the validation / business rules is routed to an exception queue. With FDA, the knowledge worker only needs to work on the exceptions that the intelligent machine was not able to automatically process.


The Genpact FDA solution features the following unique capabilities:

  • Automated knowledge discovery for a specific market or topic;
  • Intelligent extraction of key data fields;
  • Add new asset classes and types with ease.
  • Traceable classification of unstructured documents using linguistics-based machine learning for automated interpretation of the meaning of unstructured text;
  • Non-intrusive integration to enterprise applications;
  • Data integration: a flexible, comprehensive solution to a vexing challenge.

The Genpact FDA solution can be quickly customized or reconfigured for any carriers’ specific requirements without programming. Extensions to the Gen pact FDA solution can be applied in various other functions across the Insurance value chain.


Case Study

RAGE Genpact FDA