Customer and Market Intelligence

Continuously surface industry trends, competitor info, compare companies within a given industry, news and alerts

Business Problem

  • How are the demand drivers unfolding, especially around emerging markets and end markets?
  • Where are customers investing for growth and what issues do they face?
  • What is the competitive landscape in specific markets?
  • How can practitioners search on specific topic of interest and get specific intelligence?

Compiling a personalized view of relevant information for an industry and then keeping it updated was an inefficient process an the output was quickly outdated.




  • RAGE-AI deep learning to continuously monitor global events impacting an industry.
  • Context specific interpretation of these events, personalized for each user.
  • Built in machine learning, both autonomous and assisted



Systematized and consistent availability of the most current industry intelligence, interpreted and presented in a personalized manner for each user.
Features such as automated alerts and predictive search built in.
Bring new ideas and issues to clients through integrated view of business driver and critical topics trending in the market place
Increased speed to delivery on client pursuit and projects (Collapsing secondary source exploration, topic correlation, analysis etc.)