Client Onboarding

Reduce three month on-boarding time for each client to a day-and-a-half; allowed the TPA to process employee level benefit changes at any time.

Flexible and rapid onboarding of new clients and renewals without any programming. Onboarding rules and processes for a new client can be implemented within hours

Business Problem

  • Third Party Payroll and Benefit service providers [TPAs] have to access data from their client HR systems both initial and on an ongoing basis [real time, daily, weekly, monthly]
  • TPAs have to deal with different client systems and the resulting variability in structure, needs and formats.
  • This largest TPA in the US has failed to create a scalable solution; they have used multiple ETL and data integration products



  • RAGE-AI Intelligent Machine to assist analysts to set up and execute client onboarding
  • New clients/renewals on boarded without any programming, with rules implemented within hours
  • Built in machine learning, both autonomous and assisted



  • Reduce 3 month on boarding time for each client to a day and a half; allowed the TPA to process employee level benefit changes at any time
  • Self service configuration application enabled the Customer Service Rep to onboard most clients; the application also allows client IT administrators to detect errors at source
  • Client Onboarding