RAGE LiveWealthTM

With RAGE-AI™ they reduced operating costs by over 50%, from $15M to $7M.

Multi custodian aggregation, performance analytics and Active Advising for institutional, HNWI and mid-affluent segment

Business Problem

  • Most UHNW and Institutional Clients held assets with more multiple custodians
  • Aggregation of assets and performance across custodians was manual, error prone and not timely
  • Significant compliance exposure as Financial Advisors devised their own solutions



  • Intelligent Machine that automatically aggregates and normalizes assets held at any custodian; processing process paper statements as well
  • Built in machine learning, both autonomous and assisted
  • Enable rapid addition of new custodians and formats with little or no effort
  • Addition of new asset classes easily handled
  • Active Agent to monitor fund managers continuously



  • Reduced operating costs by over 50%, from $15M to $7M
  • Improved client satisfaction dramatically by offering same-day or near real time asset aggregation and analytics capability
  • Created consistent analysis of performance and improved regulatory compliance
  • Continuous risk assessment