RAGE LiveCreditTM

End to end Commercial Lending framework from prospecting, qualification, enrolment, underwriting, decisioning to loan servicing

Business Problem

  • Financial institutions desire to process loan applications efficiently and speedily
  • Current solutions are rigid and do not allow the addition of new score cards, underwriting logic, or new products without significant time and effort
  • Much greater regulatory scrutiny in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis implies the need for adhering to strict regulatory needs



  • RAGE-AI enabled automated and flexible loan origination and processing solution
  • Designed for straight through processing with exception management
  • Built in machine learning
  • New products can be easily added without any programming, underwriting rules/scorecards can be implemented within hours
  • All processing is institutionalized in a flexible manner and hence, ensuring high levels of compliance



  • End to end lending solution for a global financial institution [interfaces to 50 internal systems, 200 screens and 250 users] implemented in 77 days
  • One significant release every week for the last two years reflecting a high level of flexibility
  • Rolled out a commercial card version in 15 countries in 90 days with complete localization