RAGE LiveSpreadTM

Aggregation, extraction and normalization of data from unstructured financial statements, bank statements and income tax returns presented in any form and format

Business Problem

  • Financial statements need to be gathered from borrowers and analyzed in a timely manner
  • High level of variability in formats, accounting systems and different languages in a global context increase the complexity of the problem
  • Timely risk assessment requirements in Dodd-Frank adds a regulatory compliance angle in financial institutions



  • RAGE Financial Statement Spreading Machine automates the extraction, aggregation and normalization of financial statements in multiple formats, in multiple languages
  • Built in machine learning, both autonomous and assisted
  • Directly sources all corporate filings from the SEC [US]
  • Secure self-service capability enables electronic aggregation of statements
  • Easy calculation of financial performance metrics, benchmarking, scoring,



  • Timely processing and analysis of risk/performance
  • Dramatic reduction in the cost of processing
  • Improved regulatory compliance