RTITM : Real Time Intelligence Cap Markets

Discover ‘alpha’, serve as a second pair of eyes to identify information asymmetry

Business Problem

  • Can we identify alpha consistently through timely analysis of all the real time information at our disposal?
  • Is there any significant market signal that we are not capturing?


  • RAGE-AI deep learning technology to continuously monitor each security in its own operating context [company, industry, macro-economic and geo-political]
  • RAGE RTI Intelligent Agents monitor global events on a 24x7 basis and assesses their impact on these securities in real time, looking for both direct and indirect [2nd, 3rd, nth order]impact and detecting signals.
  • Built in machine learning, both autonomous and assisted
  • RAGE-AI provides fundamental models and forward looking credit ratings.


  • Demonstrated that in the 10 - 15% of stocks, RAGE RTI is a leading indicator of price movements.
  • Continuous assessment and monitoring, 24x7
  • Consistent assessment. Elimination of any individual bias.
  • RAGE-AI is a completely tractable / traceable solution, where every piece of analysis can be traced back to the source document