Sales Lead Generation

Monitor customer and market moves to identify opportunities and provide business specific sales triggers to the sales team in the field

Business Problem

  • Lack of timely visibility into market developments and events
  • Lack of meaningful insights into opportunities focused on their global customers and prospects.



  • Contextual analysis of all kinds of media – including traditional, specialized, social, trade publications, analyst reports and financial statements
  • Provided the key signals necessary to triangulate a market opportunity and generate sales triggers.
  • The system can automatically interpret information as it arrives to determine its relevance to the company’s business and rate the impact of the information in context of the market opportunity.



  • 200% increase in relevant sales triggers as compared to the manual analysis.
  • This analysis of structured and unstructured content has proven vital for the company to present new ideas to clients in a timely manner.

Finally, the firm’s front line of sales people are now equipped with the market intelligence necessary to proactively advise clients of recommended service offerings