Automated Contract Review

RAGE-AI™ proactively identified up to 5% revenue leakage with automated contract review.

Review and understand large volumes of documents or contracts rapidly with respect to a purpose, such as in the context M&A, offering, reconciliation, etc.


Business Challenges

  • Manual process for contract review was time consuming and cumbersome – especially for an organization involved in ongoing merger integrations.
  • High volume of legal documents needing analysis made contract review highly labor intensive, from financing agreements to NDAs to securities purchase agreements.
  • The company also needed an automated solution to spot revenue leakage, as it added significant time to process when done manually.


Genpact Solution

  • An automated contract review assistance solution enabled the co mpany to ID, interpret and extract relevant data.
  • Built-in flexibility enables quick additions of new attributes a nd rules of interest to users to facilitate intelligent data extraction.
  • Not a black box; users understand the logic behind the automate d solution’s insights.



  • Dramatic reduction in time and cost associated with contractual document review.
  • Timeline monitoring of ongoing obligations and rights now possible.
  • Proactively identified up to 5% revenue leakage with automated c ontract review.
Why Genpact

For Fortune 1000 enterprises looking to drive digital transformation within their
businesses, Genpact AI solutions deliver a distinct competitive advantage. Unlike
other service providers, Genpact AI solutions integrate our dee p domain knowledge
with leading AI technology and services to enable significant bu siness value creation
and accelerates the success of our clients' digital transformations.