Automated Contract Review

Review and understand large volumes of documents or contracts rapidly with respect to a purpose, such as in the context M&A, offering, reconciliation, etc.


Business Problem

  • Businesses routinely receive and process large numbers of legal documents – financing agreements, NDAs, customer contracts, subscription documents, securities purchase agreements, etc
  • All such documents have to be manually reviewed creating a significant cost and time pressure
  • Contracts have ongoing obligations, rights and other terms which have to be monitored over time



  • RAGE’s Intelligent Contract Review Machine identifies, interprets and extracts all attributes of interest
  • Built in machine learning, both autonomous and assisted
  • The solution allows users to add new attributes of interest and rules to extract them if needed
  • The solution is not a black box; complete auditability is provided to the user



  • Identified up to 5% revenue leakage by review contracts and comparing it to the actual billing for one of the global banks
  • Dramatic reduction in the time and cost associated with review of contractual documents
  • Timely monitoring of ongoing obligations and rights