RAGE KYC Framework

Adverse media analysis, extraction/interpretation of documents submitted by clients, financial analysis where required, PEP analysis, and more. Choose from relevant components, sources, process flows

Business Problem

  • Completely manual, effort intensive and costly KYC process needed to be scaled at this client for broader and more frequent coverage.
  • Partial, periodic, inconsistent, assessment of risks [and opportunities] did not meet the Bank’s own internal risk policies.



  • Intelligent Machine implemented for KYC, that executes the 4 major KYC stages in a mostly automate manner (1) customer application screening (2) internal client history screening(3) adverse event screening (4) entity and key executive relationship screening
  • RAGE RTI Intelligent can be turned on for continuous monitoring of external events as well
  • Built in machine learning, both autonomous and assisted



  • Over 50% efficiency realized in several process stages
  • Broader and more frequent KYC coverage. Better positioned both internal risk and external regulatory goals.
  • Fully tractable / traceable solution, where every piece of analysis can be traced back to the source and every action if logged.