Rage Frameworks


RAGE Big Data Analytics


RAGE Business Transformation

From insights to outcome, RAGE Real Time Intelligence for:
bullet Continuous forward-looking Credit Risk Assessment
bullet 24x7 Supplier Surveillance
bullet Get ahead of information asymmetry. Predictive intelligence on company performance
bullet Drug efficacy and safety. Get to the heart of the real narrative behind Social Media chatter
  Power Business Transformation by
building mission critical custom
solutions that are perpetually flexible
in 30-90 days. Business process automation
to Big Data analytics, all on one
integrated platform, enabling rapid,
non-disruptive transformation of
your legacy IT environment.
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RAGE Wealth Management


RAGE Business Banking

Transform your Advisor and Client
Experience. On-demand multi-custodian
data aggregation, flexible performance
analytics to powerful Big Data analytics,
within and across customer segments,
on an integrated perpetually
flexible Wealth Management
  Cut cost-per-loan in half, power
customer service and rapidly
institutionalize emerging regulations,
on RAGE's framework based loan
origination system. Automated
financial statement spreading,
automated underwriting,
to automated credit monitoring.
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May 17, 2016 Rage Frameworks to Present Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Insights at EmTech Digital

May 4, 2016 AI Gets More Real, Thanks to Contextual Deep Learning

March 30, 2016 Rage Frameworks Pioneers Contextual Deep Learning With Its Artificial Intelligence Platform

February 8, 2016 Rage AI - Enabling Financial Institutions to Unlock The Power And Opportunity of AI

January 28, 2016 Rage Frameworks Expands Its Artificial Intelligence Platform

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The RAGE Advantage

Harnessing Big Data for Supplier Risk Surveillance, Real Time
From Insights to Outcome
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